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Draft law: Powers to conduct searches, wiretapping and seizure of property will be transferred from prosecutors to courts
05.05 161762 POLITICS
Gold bar prices on the rise in Uzbekistan
05.05 164873 SOCIETY
Central Bank opposes P2P control
04.05 195334 BUSINESS
Bukhara, Namangan, Urgench, and Andijan airports to be privatized
23.02 1421 POLITICS
Uzbek brides top ranking in Türkiye’s foreign marriage figures for 2023
23.02 1439 SOCIETY
Eco Party demands immediate response to Tashkent TPP's environmental impact
23.02 1640 SOCIETY
Schoolchildren in Navoi forced to have haircuts during class hours in sports hall
23.02 1610 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan 2030 strategy aims for cleaner air with traffic restrictions in major cities
23.02 1648 SOCIETY
Old aircraft with high fuel consumption to be sold, modern and economical aircraft to be purchased
23.02 1717 SOCIETY
Tashkent ranks 3rd in the world in terms of air pollution
23.02 1826 SOCIETY
Uzbek man who was shot by a killer died in St. Petersburg
23.02 1885 SOCIETY
"Initiative Budget" proposal submission phase concludes; several changes coming into force
22.02 2523 BUSINESS
Qazaq Air to launch flights from Turkistan to Samarkand starting March 15
22.02 2538 BUSINESS
China to supply electric ambulances to Uzbekistan
22.02 2622 BUSINESS
Low-cost carrier AJet granted permission for flights between Tashkent and Ankara
22.02 2561 SOCIETY
 “We want to connect Central Asia with Silicon Valley” — Asror Arabjonov launches Silkroad Innovation Hub in the US
22.02 2490 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan secures $180 million loan for modernizing urban transport fleet
22.02 2509 BUSINESS
Water and sewer service tariffs to increase in Namangan
22.02 2392 BUSINESS
Law enforcement officers detain a man who tried to sell historic coins for $5,000 in Khorezm
22.02 2386 SOCIETY
Statistics Agency reveals top contributors to Uzbekistan's $4.2 billion trade in January 2024
22.02 2126 BUSINESS
Restoration work begins on Hairatan – Mazar-i-Sharif railway line with support from Uzbekistan
22.02 2201 POLITICS
Hydrometeorological service issues warnings for avalanche risks in mountainous areas
22.02 2133 SOCIETY
CNG stations to gradually resume services as restrictions ease
22.02 1894 BUSINESS