Intellectual property of Apple and Amazon protected in Uzbekistan
02.08 434 POLITICS
Military servicemen from Uzbekistan arrive in Tajikistan to take part in joint exercises (video)
02.08 484 POLITICS
President Mirziyoyev has already been vaccinated against coronavirus – Sherzod Asadov
02.08 615 POLITICS
MIA senior official becomes Almazar district khokim
02.08 438 POLITICS
Shavkat Mirziyoyev to visit Turkmenistan 
02.08 464 POLITICS
Uzbekistan sends about 200 military personnel to take part in a joint exercise in Tajikistan
02.08 524 POLITICS
Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov meets with GGGI Assembly Chairman Ban Ki-moon 
31.07 1203 POLITICS
UN ready to support Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s initiative to strengthen connectivity between Central and South Asia
31.07 1134 POLITICS
Pensions and benefits to increase from September 1
31.07 1132 POLITICS
Uzbekistan approves law on compulsory vaccination
31.07 1303 POLITICS
Foreign Ministers of Uzbekistan and South Korea discuss expanding bilateral cooperation
31.07 1130 POLITICS
Tanzila Narbayeva urges doctors to conduct a door-to-door round 
31.07 1201 POLITICS
Russia’s VEB.RF to provide €146 million loans for improving water system in Uzbekistan
30.07 1360 POLITICS
Uzbekistan, Japan discuss strengthening cooperation in establishing long-term peace in Afghanistan
30.07 1317 POLITICS
Representatives of five political parties receive mandates
30.07 1246 POLITICS
Government to increase the amount of pensions and benefits by 10%
30.07 1261 POLITICS
Russia transfers troops to the Uzbek-Afghan border for exercises
30.07 1261 POLITICS
Rules for entering Uzbekistan during the pandemic announced
30.07 1466 POLITICS
Uzbekistan receives 3 million doses of Moderna vaccine
30.07 1388 POLITICS
Uzbek Foreign Minister to pay a working visit to Korea
29.07 1552 POLITICS