January marks a sharp rise in Uzbekistan’s construction industry performance
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State Security Service seizes over 6 kg of smuggled narcotic substances
17:30 8 SOCIETY
Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrives in Kazan on a working visit
17:28 41 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan, South Korea to strengthen collaboration in AI and IT for crime prevention
16:09 142 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan's gas and oil production slump persists through early 2024
16:07 181 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan braces for potentially record-breaking summer heat in 2024
15:36 226 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan's foreign trade turnover hit $4.2 billion in January
13:49 286 SOCIETY
Labor migrant from Uzbekistan shot and critically wounded in Saint Petersburg
13:25 384 SOCIETY
Abror Mukhtar Ali released from detention
13:13 319 SOCIETY
Tashkent tops global list of cities with highest air pollution surpassing Lahore and Delhi
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More than 12,000 parents fined for being irresponsible in their child's education in 2023
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Uzbekistan, Russia to build a gas chemical complex in Bukhara 
20.02 1364 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan to allocate $470 million for gas pipeline upgrades to boost Russian gas imports
20.02 1258 SOCIETY
Population density in Uzbekistan rises to 82 per square km
20.02 1360 SOCIETY
Peak hour electricity supply restrictions to remain until weather improves — Ministry of Energy
20.02 1474 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan to introduce Social Cards starting October 1
20.02 1390 SOCIETY
Collapse of metal structures in Almalykr results in death of three Indian citizens
20.02 1656 SOCIETY
Japan to provide Uzbekistan with a $246 million loan for economic reforms and social programs
20.02 1301 SOCIETY
Traffic accident occurred in Tashkent involving two Yutong electric buses and a Cobalt; one passenger injured
20.02 1321 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan sets sights on cashless economy, introducing limits on cash deals
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