Tashkent resident defrauded of 170 million UZS in cyber loan scheme
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Preferential loan for textile clusters to be extended until April 2025
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Uzbekistan, Cyprus hold next round of political consultations
17.07 415 SOCIETY
Activists argue against the death penalty's effectiveness in reducing crime
17.07 426 SOCIETY
Marakand Logair to launch Uzbekistan’s largest class 'A' logistics center in 2025
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Korzinka fined for legal violations
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Debate over testing practices: Are applicants facing exam questions not covered in the curriculum?
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Uzbekistan introduces draft law to support compatriots abroad
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Over 12,000 drivers penalized for drunk driving in six months
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Uzbekistan to end selling state assets at zero cost
17.07 284 SOCIETY
Botir Zokirov steps down as Minister of Construction due to health issues
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"Bakhti Tashkentsky" case: Defendants made final statements in court, pleaded for leniency 
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ADB approves $100M loan to improve perinatal health services in Uzbekistan
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Uzbekistan to boost tourism with $50M investment, tax exemptions, and new online platform
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Uzbekistan and Germany discuss key migration and mobility agreement
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UzAuto tender voided after Anti-Corruption Agency investigation reveals violations
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Kazakhstan plans to triple Russian gas transit to Uzbekistan and expand supplies to China
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Blogger Sherali Komilov detained in Tashkent region on fraud and slander charges
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UzAuto Motors tries to resell Cobalt cars one more time as clients withdraw applications and decline to make payment
16.07 632 SOCIETY
Central Bank of Uzbekistan imposes fines on 11 banks
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