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Tashkent hosts inter-MFA political consultations between Uzbekistan and Russia
14.04 23296 POLITICS
Uzbekistan, India may reach Preferential Trade Agreement 
14.04 23671 POLITICS
President Mirziyoyev dismisses three university rectors
14.04 23810 POLITICS
Intellectual property of Apple and Amazon protected in Uzbekistan
02.08 468 POLITICS
SSS officers prevent cases of illegal land sales 
02.08 448 SOCIETY
Military servicemen from Uzbekistan arrive in Tajikistan to take part in joint exercises (video)
02.08 514 POLITICS
Over 31 thousand maskless people fined in Tashkent in July
02.08 534 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan repatriates 380 thousand of its citizens from Russia during the pandemic
02.08 522 SOCIETY
Gasoline price rose by 4% in July, propane price by 5.5%
02.08 551 SOCIETY
Coronavirus and pneumonia: Nearly 1,400 new cases reported
02.08 602 SOCIETY
President Mirziyoyev has already been vaccinated against coronavirus – Sherzod Asadov
02.08 642 POLITICS
MIA senior official becomes Almazar district khokim
02.08 454 POLITICS
Shavkat Mirziyoyev to visit Turkmenistan 
02.08 480 POLITICS
Uzbekistan sends about 200 military personnel to take part in a joint exercise in Tajikistan
02.08 543 POLITICS
Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov meets with GGGI Assembly Chairman Ban Ki-moon 
31.07 1220 POLITICS
UN ready to support Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s initiative to strengthen connectivity between Central and South Asia
31.07 1150 POLITICS
Justice Minister explains whether employees can be fired from work for refusing to get vaccinated
31.07 1207 SOCIETY
Airbus helicopters delivered to Uzbekistan
31.07 1156 SOCIETY
Khokim of Bustan district Sadbarkhon Mamitova died
31.07 1129 SOCIETY
Pensions and benefits to increase from September 1
31.07 1145 POLITICS
Mother tried to sell her 13-year-old daughter for $3.5 thousand in Tashkent 
31.07 1195 SOCIETY
New quarantine restriction comes into force 
31.07 1453 SOCIETY
Oil production in Uzbekistan decreased by 32%
31.07 994 BUSINESS