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Tashkent among TOP-3 most popular destinations for tourists from Russia
03.02 119915 TOURISM
IFC to help Uzbekistan privatize Ferganaazot
03.02 69668 BUSINESS
President Mirziyoyev puts forward new initiatives to support entrepreneurs in waste collection sphere
03.02 67275 POLITICS
Gov’t decides not to raise tariffs for electricity and gas for population 
01.07 305 SOCIETY
Export of tourism services amounted to $422.1 million in 2021 
01.07 347 SOCIETY
Uzbek-Turkish business forum held in Tashkent
01.07 358 SOCIETY
Test batch of Chery cars arriving in Uzbekistan in July
01.07 739 POLITICS
Turkmenistan opens a second corridor for transit of goods from Uzbekistan
01.07 729 BUSINESS
State Statistics Committee: No seasonal deflation was observed in June
01.07 703 BUSINESS
President of Azerbaijan receives Uzbekistan’s Senate Chairperson 
01.07 756 POLITICS
Tashkent to host an international conference on Afghanistan on July 25
01.07 831 POLITICS
Samarkand preparing for SCO, OTS summits and Annual Meeting of EBRD Board of Governors
01.07 846 BUSINESS
Deputy FM of Lithuania to visit Uzbekistan 
01.07 840 POLITICS
Prices for basic foodstuffs in Uzbek markets announced
01.07 891 BUSINESS
Kamoliddin Rabbimov speaks about constitutional amendments related to Karakalpakstan 
01.07 885 POLITICS
Uzbekistan Airways launches additional flights to Nukus, Bukhara, Namangan and Karshi
30.06 1433 SOCIETY
Gulnara Karimova’s luxury penthouse in Hong Kong sold for $68.4 million
30.06 1433 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan’s largest oil and bitumen field discovered in Navoi region
30.06 1557 BUSINESS
Tashkent among TOP-10 cheapest cities in the world
30.06 1635 POLITICS
“The medical mask regime is currently not being implemented, but it is recommended to wear it” – Health Ministry 
30.06 1517 POLITICS
Uzaviatsiya denies rumors about establishment of a new airline 
30.06 1595 POLITICS
Uzbekistan issues a patent for coronavirus drug 
30.06 1608 POLITICS
Ministry of Health explains whether mask regime will return to Uzbekistan
30.06 1714 POLITICS