IAEA Board of Governors approved five national projects of Uzbekistan
04.12 9923 POLITICS
Uzbekistan, the UAE agree to mutual recognition of driver’s licenses
04.12 10222 POLITICS
Mirziyoyev and Erdoğan discuss promoting joint projects between Uzbekistan and Türkiye
02.12 12581 POLITICS
Uzbekistan to improve legal framework for tourist exchange with Mongolia
02.12 12279 POLITICS
Uzbekistan, Malaysia to hold Intergovernmental Commission meeting and joint business forum next year
02.12 12083 POLITICS
Foreign ministers of Uzbekistan and Germany discuss strengthening bilateral relations
02.12 12090 POLITICS
“Yuksalish”: Punishment for publishing photos and videos of law enforcement agencies contradicts the policy of openness  
02.12 9884 POLITICS
Tashkent cameras begin recording violations of travel along the bus lane
02.12 10019 POLITICS
President Shavkat Mirziyoyev calls for united efforts to advance COP 28 climate initiatives 
01.12 6218 POLITICS
Uzbekistan ratifies agreement on allied relations with Kazakhstan 
01.12 11136 POLITICS
Shavkat Mirziyoyev departs for the UAE
30.11 11567 POLITICS
Tashkent hosts Global Forum of Interparliamentary Cooperation in achieving SDGs
30.11 11216 POLITICS
Uzbekistan appoints new ambassador to Malaysia
30.11 11006 POLITICS
Shavkat Mirziyoyev to visit UAE
30.11 9867 POLITICS
Uzbekistan switching to emergency mode of operation to save water
30.11 9902 POLITICS
Uzbekistan supports UN resolution demanding Israel’s withdrawal from Syrian Golan Passes
29.11 10307 POLITICS
Shavkat Mirziyoyev talks to Vladimir Putin over the phone
29.11 9919 POLITICS
Foreign Minister Saidov holds talks with ambassadors of Japan and South Korea
29.11 9624 POLITICS
Changes coming into from December 1 announced
29.11 8952 POLITICS
A punishment of 15-day arrest may be introduced for publication of photos and videos of law enforcement officers with the aim of discrediting them
29.11 8850 POLITICS