New projects worth $1.7 billion formed in Andijan

POLITICS 21:39 / 15.02.2024 8777

In Andijan region, work is underway on 26 projects worth $1.7 billion in cooperation with Chinese investors. This was announced during the visit of the president to the region. They are in such important fields as energy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, textiles, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, education and infrastructure.

“For example, projects such as mini-hydroelectric power stations, construction of housing and entertainment centers, electric buses and batteries for them, ceramic granite and concrete panels, production of medicines, cultivation of cherries and berries will create many jobs, economic it will bring great benefit to our people with its effectiveness,” the report said.

The head of state talked with Chinese investors. They noted that the strategic partnership between Uzbekistan and China has reached a high level, and the great opportunities in the country give confidence to businessmen.

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