Uzbekistan to improve drinking water supply system 

POLITICS 15:07 / 23.09.2023 22308

In our country, including in the regions, many social programs are being implemented aimed at improving the health and improving the quality of life of the population. In particular, over the past six years, 14 trillion 500 billion soums have been allocated from the state budget for the drinking water supply sector, which is 6 times more than before. 31 thousand kilometers of drinking water supply and sewerage networks were laid, 1.2 thousand water supply structures were built and repaired. As a result, clean drinking water for the first time came to the homes of 6.5 million people in a thousand mahallas.

At the same time, it is necessary to improve the supply of drinking water in 30 districts and 1.4 thousand mahallas. It is necessary for them to find sources of clean water.

In many cases, water is used wastefully and is not accounted for. Some pumps and special equipment of enterprises in the sector need updating.

These and other problems were discussed today during the meeting, which was held in a critical spirit, and the necessary measures were identified.

The Uzsuvtaminot JSC has been tasked with building and repairing 12 thousand kilometers of networks and 1.3 thousand water supply facilities by the end of this year. Thanks to this, 1 million 100 thousand residents in 145 mahallas will for the first time have centralized access to drinking water, and water supply will be improved in 2 thousand mahallas.

Regional governors have been instructed, together with people’s deputies, to develop and submit to the government a water supply program for the next year. The need for special attention to 30 districts with low water supply was emphasized.

The implementation of such projects as the improvement of drinking water supply in the Kushrabat district, the reconstruction of water drainage systems in the cities of Bukhara and Jizzakh, and sewerage systems in the cities of Gulistan, Yangiyer and Shirin were considered.

The work on cost optimization in Bukhara was called exemplary. Thus, during the implementation of the project for the reconstruction of water treatment and sewerage systems in the city of Bukhara, costing $281 million, $75 million were saved. With these funds, it is possible to build another 1,150 kilometers of water supply and 117 kilometers of sewer networks.

The importance of optimizing costs in other projects and using saved funds to improve water supply and sewerage systems in the areas where projects are being implemented was pointed out.

Responsible officials in the sphere and regional governors were given instructions on the technical-economic aspects of 24 promising projects.

Measures have also been identified to replace pumps with energy-saving analogues and to financially stabilize enterprises in the sector.

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