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Draft law: Powers to conduct searches, wiretapping and seizure of property will be transferred from prosecutors to courts
05.05 161757 POLITICS
Gold bar prices on the rise in Uzbekistan
05.05 164868 SOCIETY
Central Bank opposes P2P control
04.05 195328 BUSINESS
Kazakhstan plans to simplify transit of cargo transportation from Uzbekistan
20.02 3497 BUSINESS
Construction of center for industrial cooperation between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to begin in August
20.02 2995 BUSINESS
Ministry of Energy reports about scheduled power outages
19.02 2841 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan imported 133.5 thousand tons of bananas in 2023
19.02 2806 SOCIETY
Traffic restrictions imposed on some parts of Almaty-Tashkent-Termez highway
19.02 2828 SOCIETY
Road accident involving a public bus occurs in Tashkent
19.02 2616 SOCIETY
Energy drinks, carbonated water and salty foods to be prohibited in educational institutions
19.02 2727 SOCIETY
CloudPayments to cease operations in Uzbekistan
19.02 2626 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan Football Association accountant accused of embezzling $350,000 and fleeing
19.02 2394 SOCIETY
Price of diesel reduced by 15% 
19.02 3889 BUSINESS
Uzbekistan saw substantial rise in private vehicle ownership in 2023
19.02 3623 BUSINESS
Customs officers prevent smuggling of cigarettes worth 10 billion UZS
19.02 1983 SOCIETY
Qanot Sharq launches flights from Tashkent to Medina
19.02 1983 SOCIETY
CB: 400,000-soum banknotes circulating on the Internet are fake
19.02 3491 BUSINESS
Silk Avia receives its first new aircraft in Tashkent 
17.02 4428 SOCIETY
Global Environment Fund allocates $26 million for ecosystem restoration in Central Asia
17.02 6207 POLITICS
$220 million to be allocated for food industry projects in Andijan region
17.02 6043 BUSINESS
South Korea asks citizens of Uzbekistan illegally residing in the country to voluntarily depart by February 29
17.02 4628 SOCIETY
Strong dust storms hit Navoi region
17.02 4482 SOCIETY
Uzbekistan's regions forge new ties with Italy's Lombardy
17.02 4453 SOCIETY