Uzbekistan, Russia expand cooperation in training customs personnel

POLITICS 13:42 / 18.05.2024 2096

As part of the visit, a meeting was held with the head of the academy, Andrey Khodanov, in which the first vice-rector of the university, Elena Lobas, also took part.

At the meeting, the Russian side expressed its readiness to develop cooperation in the field of personnel training, organization of joint educational programs, exchange of experience and expertise in the field of customs control.

“We see great potential for cooperation between the Academy of the Russian Customs Service and Uzbek partners. Exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of customs control will help us effectively solve joint problems and confront challenges,” noted Andrey Khodanov.

The parties highly appreciated the existing exchange programs for students and teachers, and also expressed their readiness to expand and deepen this practice.

At the meeting with students from Uzbekistan, the main focus was on studying the problems they face, as well as the youth policy pursued in our country. The activities of foundations operating in the country and scholarships allocated within the framework of presidential programs and grants were discussed.

The diplomats got acquainted with the living conditions of Uzbek students, gave recommendations on compliance with the internal rules of the academy and discipline, and personal safety measures.

At the meeting, an open dialogue also took place on issues of interest to compatriots in terms of getting a job, doing internships, and financing funds.

All questions of interest were answered comprehensively.

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