Detention center official in Jizzakh detained while taking $5,000 in bribe

SOCIETY 17:38 / 24.02.2024 5524

In the Sharaf Rashidov district, the head of the temporary detention center at the Internal Affairs Department has been detained after demanding $10,000 from a suspect in a criminal case, who was held in the center. In exchange, the official promised help in facilitating a non-incarceration sentence.

During an operation conducted by the State Security Service, the temporary detention center chief was caught red-handed while receiving a $5,000 advance payment.

Further preliminary investigations also revealed that the official had previously abused his position and accepted $400 in exchange for allowing the suspect to meet with family members and receive food brought by the suspect's relatives.

A criminal case has been initiated against the detained official, and an investigation is underway.

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