State Security Service seizes over 6 kg of smuggled narcotic substances

SOCIETY 17:30 / 21.02.2024 4157

The State Security Service announced the arrest of individuals suspected of narcotics trade in these regions.

During a joint operation by the State Security Service of Navoiy and Samarkand regions in the Nurobod district, an Urgut district resident (born in 2003) and his criminal accomplice from the Nurobod district (born in 1984) were apprehended while selling 2 kg 875 grams of opium brought from Tajikistan for $40,500.

In another operation by the State Security Service's Samarkand regional department and military servicemen of the Border Troops, with the involvement of Internal Affairs officers, a Cobalt car heading to Tashkent from Samrkand was stopped and inspected in the territory of the Jomboy district.

The search revealed that two individuals from the Urgut district, born in 1993 and 1996, traveling as passengers, had 1 kg 616 grams of opium. The narcotic substance was seized in a procedural manner and its owners were detained.

Moreover, in an operation conducted by the State Security Service Department of the Fergana region in collaboration with Internal Affairs officers, a Nexia car traveling on the Tashkent-Fergana route was stopped at a traffic police checkpoint in the Pop district of the Namangan region.

During the inspection process, an individual born in 1987 from Bagdad district, traveling as a passenger, threw a packet out of the car window.

Upon examination of the packet by witnesses, it was found to contain 1 kg 915 grams of hashish substance. It was discovered that this citizen was transporting the deadly poison that had been left by Tajik narcotics couriers in a secluded place in the Buka district of the Tashkent region. The individual had purchased the narcotic for $8,000.

Additionally, in a rapid operation conducted in Fergana region's Oltiariq district, a person residing in Fergana district, born in 1990, previously convicted of trading narcotic substances, was apprehended while selling 770 grams of hashish for $7,000.

During the pre-trial investigation, the true owner of these narcotics, brought in by smuggling from Kyrgyzstan, was identified as a citizen residing in Fergana district, born in 2000, who was also arrested.

Criminal cases have now been initiated against all these individuals under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, with detention as a precautionary measure.

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