Gov’t to introduce a system of recording penalty points against offender drivers

POLITICS 16:03 / 28.11.2023 9617

It was noted at the meeting that the cases of “aggressive driving” manifested by some drivers’ disrespect for traffic rules, non-observance of traffic management culture, disrespect for other road users, sharp driving of the vehicle and other actions are increasing.

The draft law envisages the prevention of traffic accidents, ensuring the inevitability of punishment for those who commit gross violations, and establishing criminal liability for repeated driving of a vehicle by a person who has been deprived of the right to drive a vehicle.

It is also planned to introduce a system of calculating penalty points for persistent violations by vehicle drivers. That is, it is proposed to introduce the procedure of depriving the driver of the right to drive a vehicle as an additional punishment for the last committed offense in cases where the penalty points calculated according to this norm exceed twelve points for a year.

According to this regulation, if the driver accumulates a specified number of penalty points by committing offenses related to traffic rules for a year, it is determined that the penalty of deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle will be applied to him as an additional penalty.

It was noted at the meeting that, taking into account that in accordance with the draft law, the punishment of deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle is applied by the courts, the procedure for applying the administrative punishment by the district (city) criminal court for exceeding the specified amount of fine points calculated for traffic violations is also proposed.

Penalty points system

This system was supposed to be launched on December 1, 2022. However, the system is delayed in starting up. In December 2022, in an interview with the reporter, the head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Olim Saidov, said that the system of calculating penalty points for drivers who broke the rules is a matter of legislation.

“It will be fully operational after the completion of the technical aspects of the system and its integration into existing systems,” said Saidov.

It is determined that the system provides for the following procedure:

•  separate penalty points are calculated for each traffic violation for 12 months;
•  in cases where the calculated penalty points exceed the specified amount, the driver will be deprived of the right to drive the vehicle for a certain period of time in accordance with the established procedure;
•  drivers who have not committed a traffic violation during a certain period are encouraged by reducing the fine points calculated later.

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