Termez free trade zone introduces 15-day visa-free regime

POLITICS 18:26 / 16.05.2024 2067

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has approved new measures to develop the International Trade Center in Termez. A relevant presidential decree has been published on Lex.uz.

Entrepreneurs operating within the center are allowed to hire foreigners (including citizens of Afghanistan) and stateless persons based solely on employment contracts without the need for confirmation of the right to work in Uzbekistan.

Afghan and Pakistani citizens are granted the right not only to lease but also to own shops, services, and production facilities within the center. However, the land for these facilities will be provided on a leasehold basis.

In the Termez free trade zone, payments are permitted in US dollars, euros, Chinese yuan, Russian rubles, and other foreign currencies. Such financial transactions will be credited through the accounts of legal entities operating within the center through branches of commercial banks.

Foreign nationals are allowed visa-free entry into the center and can stay for up to 15 days. Furthermore, medical clinic patients within the center will be provided with medical entry visas when necessary.

Goods purchased in the center may be imported into Uzbekistan upon payment of customs duties. Duty-free import regulations and VAT refund rules do not apply within the center.

Bus services from the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif to the center are planned. Additionally, a specialized customs post will be established in the Termez International Trade Center.

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