Uzbekistan's consulate in Istanbul issues scam warning to compatriots in Türkiye

SOCIETY 19:17 / 22.04.2024 1416

The Consulate General of Uzbekistan in Istanbul has issued a warning to Uzbek nationals traveling in Türkiye to be vigilant and avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

It has surfaced that several types of fraud are becoming widespread in Türkiye recently. In these schemes, scammers predominantly target foreign nationals.

Specifically mentioned are:

- Scammers posing as lawyers after canceling an online order and demanding payment for alleged court or cargo fees;
- Via telephone, fraudsters introduce themselves as police or special forces operatives, claiming that payments have been made from the victim's account to criminal or terrorist groups abroad and urging the transfer of funds to a new account to "catch the real criminals."

"The fraudsters are known to extract personal information and use it against the victim, employing psychological tactics to deceive and manipulate. We advise our compatriots to return online orders in the prescribed manner, not to provide any information to individuals who introduce themselves as police, court, or special forces over the phone, and to insist on formal summons procedures," the consulate's cautionary statement reads.

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