UzAuto Motors reoffering Damas cars for sale after several dozen buyers failed to pay

SOCIETY 19:07 / 22.04.2024 1430

UzAuto Motors has announced the opening of a new contracting round for Damas vehicles, according to the automaker's press service.

Order acceptance will open on April 23 at 10:00 AM. The price of the vehicle will remain unchanged at 96,370,000 UZS.

For sale will be vehicles released after the previous contracting round. Cars not paid for by customers within the specified time will be put up for resale with the cancellation of the previous contract.

Orders will be accepted only through the website A queue monitoring service and information about available cars will be accessible via the Telegram bot and UzAvtosavdo application.

On March 12, UzAuto Motors announced a price increase from 3.5−6.7% for mass-market vehicles Damas, Labo, and Chevrolet Cobalt. The company later clarified that the final decision on price increases had not yet been made.

Since the end of 2022, UzAuto Motors suspended sales of mass segment models - Cobalt, Lacetti, Damas and Labo. Since then, the company has repeatedly opened and then suspended sales again.

At the end of December, the company suspended the sales of Cobalt, Damas, and Labo vehicles, having contracted 171,000 cars in three days - the entire production volume for 2024. At that time, the company also announced the creation of a database of contracts available for resale.

On March 29, UzAuto Motors put up for sale 18,000 Labo mini-trucks. The entire batch was sold out in 55 minutes.

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