Travel agencies tied to Umrah debacle face suspension in wake of fraud investigation

POLITICS 17:43 / 24.02.2024 10977

Previously, social networks were abuzz with reports that the Transport Prosecutor's Office was conducting preliminary investigation actions against tourism business entities and that a letter had been sent to the Tourism Committee to suspend the licenses of the involved tour operators and travel agents.

According to these reports, several tourism firms organizing Umrah pilgrimages have been holding citizens' funds without arranging their return from Saudi Arabia, resulting in the citizens being stranded in the cities of Medina and Mecca.

The Tourism Committee informed that the situation has been analyzed in detail, focusing on the tourist companies involved.

This letter was sent based on complaints received from citizens who suffered material and mental damage due to delays in private airline flights which disrupted the Umrah events.

The Tourism Committee assigned a specialist to the Transport Prosecutor's Office to clarify the preliminary information about the tourist enterprises mentioned in the appeal letter.

It has been informed that in order not to inconvenience operational tourism enterprises, work is being done with the Transport Prosecutor's Office to clarify the identification numbers (TIN) of the tourist enterprises related to the criminal case.

"We will inform everyone about the temporary suspension of operations of the enterprises involved in the crime case once the identification process (TIN) is completed," the report stated.

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