Uzbekistan braces for potentially record-breaking summer heat in 2024

SOCIETY 15:36 / 21.02.2024 3142

Uzbekistan may experience the hottest summer in its history in 2024, Uzhydromet reports.

"According to the forecasts of meteorologists worldwide, the current El Niño event is expected to continue until April 2024. This prediction is the average result of ten numerical climate models. Subsequently, based on scientific grounds, a La Niña process characterized by a typically hot summer season (with temperatures in Tashkent reaching up to +40°C), a dry autumn, and a cold winter is expected to start developing in Uzbekistan. The dry autumn, which means that precipitation will be below average, is expected," Uzhydromet said.

The report notes that a hot summer is a frequently occurring event for the Uzbek climate. In these periods, temperatures in the south and desert regions can reach +40...+45°C, while the rest of the regions can expect temperatures around +40...+42°C. The hottest weather in summer usually lasts for 5-7 days associated with thermal depressions and this condition is observed 2-3 times during the season.

For information, the "El Niño" (Spanish for "The Little Boy") weather phenomenon occurs approximately every 2-7 years and typically lasts from 9 to 12 months. It is associated with a rise in surface water temperatures in the central and eastern tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean. El Niño significantly increases the likelihood of temperature records and extreme hot weather conditions in many parts of the world and oceanic regions.

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