Abror Mukhtar Ali released from detention

SOCIETY 13:13 / 21.02.2024 2218

According to a Kun.uz source, the 15-day detention sentence against Abror Abduazimov has been revised under investigative proceedings and he has been released.

Abduazimov was administratively detained on February 6 by the decision of the Shaykhontohur district criminal court. He was found guilty of committing the offenses outlined in Articles 194 and 195 of the Administrative Responsibility Code.

According to case details, on February 6, 2024, Abror Abduazimov and Khusrav Nasrullayev caused chaos by shouting at the Shaykhontohur district administration. They didn’t comply with the lawful demands of the responding police officers.

In accordance with the court's decision, Abduazimov and Nasrullayev were found guilty of violating the provisions of Part 1, Article 194 (Failure to comply with the lawful demands of internal affairs officials) and Article 195 (Resistance to the execution of official duties by internal affairs officials) of the Administrative Responsibility Code. Initially, they were sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention and fined 1 BCA, equivalent to 340,000 UZS.

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