Uzbekistan advances environmental reforms with waste management and forest restoration projects

POLITICS 17:30 / 20.02.2024 6589

On February 19, Shavkat Mirziyoyev reviewed a presentation on the measures being taken in the field of ecology and environmental protection, as reported by the presidential press service.

During the meeting, the implementation of waste management plans outlined in the presidential decree was discussed. A key issue was the optimization of landfill sites and the creation of enterprises for recycling 6.8 million tons of household waste based on them.

To attract investment to the landfill sites, it is planned to create special economic zones within their buffer territories. A system for the generation of electricity and fertilizers from waste will also be introduced.

A pilot project is to be implemented in the Andijan region, where a power plant capable of producing up to 2 million kWh of electricity from waste and an organic fertilizer production plant with a capacity of 100,000 tons per year are planned to be built for $13 million.

In addition, the head of state was presented with a project for the restoration of sustainable forest landscapes, carried out with the support of the International Development Association. The project aims to direct $205 million towards the expansion of forests and the development of forestry.

The project's goals include the restoration of 175,000 hectares of forests, improvement of 38,000 hectares of pastures, and the creation of 24,000 hectares of agricultural and industrial woodlots. Moreover, 63 km of ecological trails will be established to foster ecotourism development.

Another topic of discussion was international environmental cooperation. At the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on the Conservation of Migrating Wild Animals held in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan was elected the chairing state until 2026.

Tashkent has opened the first Central Asian office of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and there are plans to establish a representation of the UN Environment Programme. The World Bank will assist in the creation of six transboundary protected natural areas.

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