Uzbekistan to introduce system for assigning age-related pensions without the need for citizens to apply

POLITICS 14:49 / 15.02.2024 7756

The Pension Fund of Uzbekistan has announced the inauguration of a system to assign age-related pensions without the need for citizens to apply.

As reported, services provided to citizens within the pension system are gradually transitioning to interactive and proactive forms through the active implementation of information technologies.

To create conveniences in service delivery, starting from January 1, 2024, citizens have been granted the right to apply for pension assignments either by visiting the state services center additionally or through the unified interactive state services portal online.

Furthermore, starting from March 1, 2025, pensions will be assigned "automatically" to citizens who have reached the pension age, without the need for any documents and no applications required from the citizens. In this process, all personal information regarding the citizen (such as age, gender, employment record, salary, paid social tax amount, and family composition) will be obtained from the electronic databases of ministries and agencies.

Previously, it had been announced that the minimum pension amount in Uzbekistan would not be less than the level of the minimum subsistence expenditure.

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