President Mirziyoyev criticizes governors for shortcomings in agriculture sector

POLITICS 13:28 / 12.02.2024 8487

It is reported that the reforms carried out in the sector in recent years have resulted in an increase in the interests and income of farmers, an increase in production, the development of the cluster system, the introduction of high-performance equipment and deep processing, and an increase in new varieties and agrotechnologies.

Last year, production in the sector grew by 4.1 percent, amounting to 426 trillion UZS. Exports nearly reached $2 billion. 152 thousand hectares of orchards and vineyards were created.

In 2023, for the first time, 3.7 million tons of cotton and 8 million tons of grain were harvested.

The meeting noted the necessity for agricultural officials to work in an absolutely new way this year, given the limited land and water resources.

Some officials and governors were criticized for not doing enough to reduce costs, supply high-yield seeds and seedlings, and introduce an industrial environment.

This year, it was emphasized as important to deliver productive seeds to districts, train farmers in new agrotechnologies, and further increase productivity in cotton and grain. It was also assigned to reduce fertilizer costs by 15 percent and provide agriculture with 900,000 tons of mineral fertilizers.

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