Senate considered a law to improve environmental safety

POLITICS 17:22 / 20.01.2024 2619

At the 49th plenary meeting of the Senate, the Law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was considered.

In recent years, systematic work has been carried out on environmental protection, environmental safety and the efficient use of natural resources. However, the expansion of construction, production and urbanization leads to an increase in emissions of harmful substances into the natural environment.

To prevent emergency situations and threats to the health of citizens, it is possible to limit the activities of harmful objects by decision of government agencies.

The presence in the legislation of inaccurate wording, which is the basis for limiting or suspending the activities of business entities, can lead to the emergence of corruption related to the breadth of discretionary powers of government bodies.

The document introduces amendments to the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On nature protection”, “On atmospheric air protection” and “On environmental control”, specifying the grounds for government bodies to make decisions to limit or suspend the activities of business entities, primarily taking into account the need to prevent the occurrence of threats to the life and health of the population.

The law is aimed at improving the environmental situation, providing additional legal frameworks to prevent threats to the life and health of the population, protecting entrepreneurship, as well as eliminating corruption and increasing the responsibility of government bodies. The law was approved by senators.

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