Senate approves law on ratifying prisoner exchange agreement with Iran

POLITICS 19:03 / 20.01.2024 2918

At the plenary session of the Senate, the law "On the ratification of the Agreement on the transfer of prisoners between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran (Tehran, June 18, 2023)" was considered.

It is noted that the ratification of the agreement will create a legal basis for the citizens of Uzbekistan and Iran, who have been deprived of their freedom as a result of committing a crime, to serve the sentence imposed by the court in their country, and will create an opportunity for bilateral cooperation in the field of transfer of prisoners.

The agreement was signed on June 18, 2023, during the official visit of the president to Iran.

According to the document, its entry into force through the ratification of this agreement will form the normative legal framework in the field of the transfer of prisoners and increase the efficiency of cooperation between the competent authorities of the two countries in this field.

The law was approved by senators.

Earlier, the treaty with Italy on the transfer of prisoners was ratified.

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