Fraudsters introduce themselves as Click operators, steal 250 million soums from a bank card

SOCIETY 16:22 / 29.11.2023 5330

G.O., a 38-year-old resident of Tashkent city, reported that funds in the amount of 250,000,000 soums were fraudulently embezzled from his bank card by an unknown person and appealed to the DIA.

This crime was committed by 26-year-old N.G., a resident of Yashnabad district of Tashkent city, and 18-year-old T.Kh., a resident of Jalakuduq district (Andijan region), and 26-year-old I.M. living in Mirzo Ulugbek district of Tashkent city.

Reportedly, N.G. called G.O.'s mobile phone and introduced himself as a Click operator and by sending an SMS, obtained management rights, transferred money in the amount of 250,000,000 soums and used this money for his own needs.

On the above fact, a criminal case was initiated against N.G., T.Kh. and I.M. under Article 169, Part 4 (Theft) of the Criminal Code. Currently, their involvement in other crimes of this type is being investigated.

These persons may be sentenced to imprisonment from 8 to 15 years for their criminal acts in accordance with Article 169, Part 4 of the Criminal Code.

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