Changes coming into from December 1 announced

POLITICS 13:41 / 29.11.2023 8952

According to, from December 1 the following changes and innovations are provided:

Increasing salaries, pensions, BCA and minimum wage

The salaries of employees of budgetary organizations, pensions and benefits are increased by 7%, BCA - by 3% to 372 thousand soums. The minimum wage will be 1,050,000 soums, the basic amount for calculating pensions – 372,000.

Cancellation of the requirement for a number of certificates from the public and businesses

The requirement for 47 types of information from the population and business entities will be cancelled. The necessary information will be available in digital format on the interdepartmental integration platform of the Digital Government system.

Increasing the limit on exported cash foreign currency

National and (or) foreign cash currency imported and exported by individuals in excess of an amount equivalent to 100 million soums will be subject to declaration and presentation to a customs officer from December 6 (previously the amount was 70 million soums).

Receiving some government services through the SEZ directorate

Services for placing investment projects, registering participants, concluding agreements on the implementation of investment projects and leases can be obtained, in addition to the Single Portal and public service centers, directly from the directorate of special economic zones.

Changing the VAT payment system for breeding livestock

Payment of VAT accrued on breeding cattle imported by livestock farms for their own needs, based on the guarantee of the Committee for Veterinary Medicine and Livestock Development, will be made within 180 days.

Launch of digital monitoring “Tashqi reklama”

An electronic digital monitoring system “Tashqi reklama” is being created, which will generate a passport for advertising space.

Instead of fees based on auction results and fees for advertising placement, a single monthly fee will be introduced, the amount of which is determined through an open electronic auction.

Launch of the National Severe Earthquake Early Warning System

When an earthquake of magnitude 5 or higher is registered through the “Strong Earthquake Alert” mobile application, an urgent notification will be sent to the population about an impending strong earthquake in certain territories of the republic.

Admission to sports schools – through the Single Portal and public service centers

Applications for acceptance of student documents and their transfer to state sports and educational institutions, as well as football academies of AFU can now be submitted through the Single Portal and public service centers.

Expanding the list of data published in the public domain

The List of socially significant information subject to placement as open data is being supplemented, including:

• about a single online queue for pilgrims to go to Hajj;
• about the queue (list) of applications submitted for the admission of children to state preschool educational organizations;
• on the internal departmental procedure of the procurement commission, which establishes procedures for carrying out public procurement in government agencies and organizations;
• about vacancies in central, regional and departmental organizations;
• about grants and social contract projects provided by government bodies and organizations to non-governmental non-profit organizations.

Providing on-site services for the preparation of a number of documents

Citizens will be provided with services in the field of migration if they wish. The applicant selects a free day on which he wishes to receive an on-site service. In addition to standard fees and charges, for government services it is necessary to pay transportation costs from 21.9% of the BCA (if the distance is within 10 km) to 83.2% of the BCA (100 km).

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