Law on the extradition of convicts between Uzbekistan and Italy approved

POLITICS 13:16 / 27.11.2023 9612

At the 47th plenary session, senators considered laws on the ratification of treaties between Uzbekistan and Italy on extradition, transfer of convicted persons, and legal assistance in criminal cases.

The Law “On the ratification of the Treaty between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Italian Republic on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters (Rome, June 8, 2023)”, considered by the Senate, provides for the grounds and conditions for the provision of legal assistance in connection with the investigation of criminal cases and other procedural actions .

In particular, the form and content of requests, grounds for refusal or delay in providing assistance, execution of requests, protective measures, security guarantees, as well as provisions on such important issues as the transfer of criminal cases for further prosecution are established.

Ratification of the Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters serves to improve the efficiency of law enforcement agencies of the two countries in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.

In addition, ratification of the Treaty on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons creates a legal basis for citizens of Uzbekistan and Italy and the opportunity to serve the sentence imposed by the court in their country.

According to the document, the transfer of convicted persons is carried out in accordance with the procedures specified in the Law on the basis of requests from the contracting parties.

The senators emphasized that serving sentences for convicts in their own country will allow them to regularly see close relatives. This will have a positive impact on family relationships, and will also facilitate the adaptation of convicted persons to the social life of society.

The Agreement also specifies the grounds and conditions under which each party, at the request of the other party, extradites to each other persons identified on its territory and wanted by the other party for criminal prosecution or execution of a sentence passed against such persons.

Ratification of this Treaty serves to increase the efficiency of judicial proceedings and ensure the principle of inevitability of punishment in relation to persons who have committed a crime.

As a result of the discussion, senators supported laws on the ratification of treaties.

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