Legislative proposals that receive at least 100,000 votes to be considered in parliament

POLITICS 17:06 / 23.09.2023 6466

At a meeting of the Legislative Chamber Committee on Anti-Corruption and Judicial and Legal Issues, the bill “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts,” developed by a group of deputies, was considered in its original form.

The bill reflects norms aimed at harmonizing the laws governing the activities of parliamentary chambers and law-making with the new edition of the constitution. This bill provides for amendments and additions to 13 laws and 1 code.

In particular, it is stipulated that at least 100,000 citizens, the Senate, the Ombudsman and the Central Election Commission have the right to make proposals to the Legislative Chamber. The introduction of this provision expands the participation of citizens in the management of public affairs.

Also, the powers of the leader of the faction in the legislative assembly are clearly defined in a separate article. The parliamentary investigation is supposed to be carried out by a joint special commission of the Legislative Chamber, which is formed on the basis of equality of deputies and members of the Senate.

In addition, the committees of the Legislative Chamber are given the right, on their own initiative, to hear reports from members of the government and information from heads of government bodies.

Following the meeting, members of the committee decided that the bill would be brought to the end of public discussion and consideration, taking into account generally accepted principles and norms of international law. The issue of submitting the bill to the Council for consideration at a parliamentary meeting has been conceptually resolved.

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