Global Environment Fund allocates $26 million for ecosystem restoration in Central Asia

POLITICS 17:55 / 17.02.2024 9692

As reported by the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Climate Change, this funding was highlighted during the meeting between Minister Aziz Abduhakimov and GEF's CEO and Chairperson Carlos Rodriguez, which was held on the margins of the CMS COP14.

"Ministers of Central Asia are ready for regional collaboration to restore ecosystems and prevent climate change. The five countries are interconnected, and the Central Asian region is one single ecosystem," stated Aziz Abduhakimov.

It is emphasized that four out of the five projects, totaling $18.6 million, will be implemented with the participation of Uzbekistan and with the support of the UN FAO. They include land restoration in vulnerable ecosystems of Central Asia, strengthening integrated and comprehensive water resources management in the basins of the Amudarya, Zarafshan, Panj, Syrdarya, and Naryn rivers, as well as comprehensive natural resource management to improve ecosystem conservation and biodiversity.

The GEF head congratulated the Uzbek side on the successful conduct of the CMS COP14 and noted that the event provided an opportunity to gather ministers of the Central Asian region to make effective decisions.

"I want to express gratitude for the solid political commitment of the Government in leading the country into a new era of cooperation aimed at protecting and preserving the region's vulnerable ecosystems with financial support from the Global Environment Fund," remarked Carlos Rodriguez.

During the negotiations, the parties discussed the International Agreement on Open Seas, collaboration with the Central Asian "Green University," and other issues.

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