Kyrgyzstan intends to import electricity from Uzbekistan

POLITICS 13:05 / 02.03.2021 484

The President of Kyrgyzstan talked about his in this interview with Kazinform.

“Many countries have water shortage issues. We also face such problems. It should be noted that if the situation on the Toktogul Reservoir goes in the same way as now, it will come to a state prone to catastrophe,” he said.

Japarov stated that Kyrgyzstan intends to import electricity from Uzbekistan.

“Therefore, we are considering the import of electricity from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan has notified that it is ready to export 0.9-1 billion kW of electricity to our country, the negotiations with Uzbekistan are continuing. If external supplies are not provided, we will have to generate electricity for our country on our own, but as a result, no one will have enough water during the growing season, and eventually, the water level in the Toktogul Reservoir will decrease. Therefore, we have to get energy from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan,” he said.

In his opinion, this is “appropriate to all the sides”.

“We hope that, as a result, we will fulfill the inter-state commitments in the growing season,” the President of the Kyrgyz Republic noted.

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